Title: The Case of the ’66 Ford Mustang
Author: Tom Meschery
Publisher: Epicenter Press
Imprint: Camel Press
BISAC #1 Code: FIC022100
BISAC #2 Code: FIC022000
BISAC #3 Code: FIC0220700
Pages: 254
Size: 6 x 9
Illustrations: No
Format: Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781684922062
Ebook: 9781684922079
LOC: 2022946253
Price: $16.95
Ebook: $6.99
Publication Date: 10/10/23

When Victor and Vincent learn that their beloved older brother Mario murdered his girlfriend, Grace Conner then committed suicide, the twins set out to prove the Oakland police department is wrong. Mario must be vindicated, and family honor must be preserved. Victor again takes on the principal detective duty. Vincent agrees to working the Brovelli Brothers’ used car business with the understanding that he is ready at any time to help his twin. With all the evidence pointing to Mario’s guilt, Victor must trust his instincts. He is helped by his girlfriend Dila Agbo, a one-time member of the Black Panthers. Together, they are led in many desperate directions. On his quest for the truth, Victor is haunted by the ghosts of his brother Mario and his girlfriend whose unspoken message of grief frightens and motivates him. Will Victor learn the truth of Mario’s death even as Dila’s life is threatened?

Second in the Brovelli Brothers mystery series.

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A Brovelli Brothers Mystery: The Case of the ’61 Chevy Impala. Epicenter/Camel Press.

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The Case Of The 61 Chevy Impala

Title: The Case of the ’61 Chevy Impala
Series Name and Number: A Brovelli Brothers’ Mystery
Author: Tom Meschery
Imprint: Camel Press
BISAC #1 Code: FIC022100-Mystery & Detective Sleuth
BISAC #2 Code: FIC02000-Mystery & Detective
Pages: 302
Size: 6 by 9
Illustrations: No
Format: Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781942078685 (trade paper)
Ebook ISBN: 9781942078692
Price: $16.95, Ebook: $5.95
Publication Date:  ???
Author Hometown: Northern California

It’s the tumultuous month of April, 1968. Victor and Vincent Brovelli, identical twins, owners of Brovelli Brothers Used Cars, have just repo’ed a 1961 Chevrolet Impala and driven it back to their car lot on East 14th Street in Oakland, California. Victor opens the trunk and discovers the dead body of the beautiful Winona Davis, their temporary part-time secretary, with a bullet hole in her head. The police arrest Sweets Monroe, the boys’ sometime friend and neighborhood burglar for the crime. In the past, Monroe had saved the used car business and their father’s life, so the twins are honor-bound to help him.

Victor takes on the principal role of detective. Two more murders occur, and both appear to be tied to Winona’s death. The ghost of Winona haunts Victor Brovelli as he attempts to find her murderer. Not even a violent motorcycle gang, the Black Panthers, a mafia drug dealer, a razor wielding local pimp, and a band of crooked cops keep Victor and Vincent Brovelli from discovering the murderer of Winona Davis.

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Clear Path – poems by Tom Meschery

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Tom Meschery’s new full-length collection of poems adds to his poetic legacy as he looks back on a remarkable life. Still active in his eighties, Meschery has worked as a poet, a novelist, a teacher, a bookstore owner, an NBA All-Star, and an international basketball coach. The poems in Clear Path bring his stories alive. Joseph Stroud calls his poems “smart and curious,” and marvels at how Meschery’s poems “bring our spirits close together, sharing what it is to live an authentic life.” When you’ve got a clear path to the basket, you’re going to score. The poems in this book score again and again.