About poetry mostly. I’m including the article title from Sport’s Illustrated. Sports Illustrated 2017 Special Commemorative Issue: “Poet in Motion” by Jack McCallum

“Many years ago, in an article I wrote in Sports Illustrated, I said that Tom Mechery, a tough pro basketball player, was one of the most sensitive men I had ever met. Sweat, Tom’ s new and thoughtful book about basketball and other sports, proves that once again”

Bill Russell, Hall of Fame Center for the Boston Celtics

“Poetry is to language as a hook shot is to basketball. Tom Meshery’s Sweat has arching hooks, great spin moves and some thunderous dunks.”

Phil Jackson, Hall of Fame Coach

“What a terrific book. My only regret is that William Carlos Williams isn’t alive to read it or for me to read it to him. One of the things he wanted was a poetry like a clean jab, straight through, all force and grace – only force and grace – and SWEAT does that in poem after poem.

Robert Hass Former Poet Laureate of the United States 

Book Awards:

Inducted into the state of Nevada’s Writers Hall of Fame.

Previous Titles:

Over the Rim (Saturday Review Books); Caught in the Pivot (Dell ); Nothing You Lose Can Be Replaced (Black Rock Press Univ. of Nevada, Reno); Some Men (Black Rock Press); Sweat: New & Selected Poems About Sports (Black Rock Press); Time Out (Finishing Line Press)

Tom Meschery

Awarded Author, Tom Meschery

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