Playoffs 2022 & etc

 The playoffs are well under way and I’m behind writing about the games. I might have had something to say aboutr the TWolves surprisingly strong showing and not surprisingly final loss to the Griz. I might have said the TWolves need a smarter point guard who they don’t need to score but can defend. I might have said that Parrick Beverley often looks as crazy as Wiley the Cayote as he mistakes leadership for physicality. (Is physicality a real word?). And physicality for brute force. That said, the TWolves would not have gotten as far as they did without him. I might have said all these things, but I didn’t. I’ve been usy editing the galleys of my upcoming first mystery novel: The Brovelli Brothers: The Case of the “61 Chevy Impala that is due out sometime in November. There, I got in some early advertising.

It is the second round. Joel Embid is out with and injured eye and a concussion. Without Emibid, the 76ers have no chance to defeat the Heat. I am totally sorry for Joel, who I like as player immensely. I do not like James Harden, although I realize he is an offensive weapon. Read the adjective anyway you want. The way Harden has disappeared in close important games and the way he left his Rockets and Nets teammates offends me.  I wish Embid well, I do wish he’d not decided to leave his Cameroon Olymic teaam to join the French team. Coould it be Hardin’s personality is rubbing off on him? The heat wins. The Heat wil not win the East.

The East belongs to /the Greek Fleet -of-Foot nd his teammates who will finally defeat a tough Boston Celtic team. Can the Bucks win it all? Not without Middleton.

Now that sharpshooter Booker is back, the Suns look to be the overall strongest team by position and reserve strength. They will defeat Doncic and the Mavs. I worry about Doncic. He over controls the Mav offense. All one has to do is compare the way he plays point guard to the way Chris Paul  does off the dribble. It seems to me that Luka looks for his shot first and teammates second, the reverse of what CP3 does.I was hoping Jason Kidd who change the way Doncic plays point, but I was wrong.

My Warriors and Memphis Griz will battle to seven i’m afraid as long as they allow Ja Morant to score over 40 points a game. In the end, the Dubs will win because they are more patient and have the edge o deep playoff experience. One can’t help but be impressed with Ja. There are only three players at the guard position that I can equate his skill set too and they are Earl the Pearl Monroe, Pistol Pete, and Allen Iverson.

In closing, the NBA has got to do something about the refs constantly reviewing every singe hit to the head or rough body contact. I understand the importance of eliminating dangerous plays, but the excessive delays interfere with the flow of the game. And I daresay sometimes to detriment of a team by changing the tempo.

Here’s a small poem I’ve used before but it seems appropriate during Playoffs/ I let you decide why.


The dragons

tell me how to move

like a grasshopper across

the multi-colored field

springing from hole to hole

outmaneuvering the beetles.

I see the sacred star

and one by one

I  deposit my eggs

until it is 

filled and full.