Individual Glory

 I’ll begin with ETC: Should the Dodgers have pulled Clayton Kershaw out after 7 perfect innings? It’s the beginning of the season, why not. How could it possibly affect the long term success of the Dodgers? Another two innings? Even if Kershaw was shelled in the next inning, the Dodgeres were up by 7. Personally, I can’t see the scenario happening. I don’t watch much baseball, but I just happened to watch that 7th inning performance. Kershsaw looked STRONG. so why the hell not give him a chance for individual glory? I get it that as the season moves on, the focus needs to be TEAM FIRST. Kershaw himself did not make a fuss, going with the team first concept or should I say the “party line?” THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM. Hogwash! Larry Colton, a one time Philly pitcher in college playing for  the University of California in Berkeley, pitched19 strike outs, the school’s record that remains unbroken.. No players today, he reminds me will be able to challenge his single game strike out record. Why? Because coaches don’t  allow their pitchers to pitch a full game. I’m not arguing that limiting time is best for a healthy conclusion for pitchers in baseball. For that matter, it’s better for all athletes to give their bodies more rest. The NBA has taken this physical fitness strategy to it’s illogical extreme, but that’s the subject for another blog. Still, imagine a scenario in which Steph Curry in the 4th quarter, the Warriors up by 25 with 2 minutes to go and Curry is one basket away from going ahead of Kobe Bryant’s 84 points second best point production record behind Wilt’s 100 pts. Imagine Steve Kerr pulling Curry. It wouldn’t happen. Individual Glory is dangerous. The Romans knew that. That’s why as a conquering Roman legion paraded into the capital led by the conquering general leading the way in his chariot, riding in the chariot with him was a slave whispering in the general’s ear of the temporary nature of individual glory.

And while I’m on the Subject, of Individual vs team, I’m having a big laugh over college football coaches going nuts trying to figure out how to deal with their individual players earning money from their names and all of the ramifications of NILs.  s they say, that horse has already left the barn. There’s going to be hierarchy like the NFL and there’s very little colleges can do about it. Individuals, right?

And while I’m on he subject of Individual Glory – and this is a very minor grip – can someone tell what the purpose of having no player names on the back of jerseys except to drive fans’ watching crazy?

The following pome closes this blog nicely, From the book This Loss Behind Us: Pint-Size Publications.


What are they thinking abut between pitches?
What’s Jimmy contemplating as he looks into the glove? What’s Andre musing over with hands              on hips?
Are they reviewing  the possibilities?
Are they daydreaming of girlfriends and ribeye steaks?
Is the all-star in the outfield trying vainly to divide 20 million by 162?
amusing himself through the innings with the comforting notion that by the time he emerges
from a nice hot shower
and addresses the media in the clubhouse and deals with the hordes who need to
get a life and
then drives away in luxury to whatever pleasure awaits,
he will have earned another $120, 000 or so?

The meter runs in between pitches, you know.
While the man on the mound
paws the pitching rubber with cleated feet –
fleep – another $146 in the coffers!
What are they thinking about in between pitches?
Not what I’m thinking.
Which is why they’re playing the game, and I’m up here
doing long division.