The Woman’s Game is Catching Up & etc

While we’ve been oh’ing and ah’ing over Saint Peters upsets, the Women’s NCAA finals have been in progress and the games have been terrific. It hasn’t been too long that you never saw women taking really jump  shots. Now, they’re all elevating, proving that women can jump, white, black, brown or whatever skin color. Loved the Movie White Men Can’t Jump, which is another racist myth. We don’t need the women aribombing-dunks to enjoy their game, which is played at a high skill level and just as aggressive as the men. When the Final Four begins, we’ll be treated to a classic match-up: UConn vs last years champs, the Stanford Cardinals – two iconic coaches facing off.

While I’m on the subject of women’s basketball, what is our country doing about getting Brittany Griner home?


I’m still trying to figure out how Purdue lost to Saint Peters. Should they have kept 7 footer Eddy in more and fed him the ball in the low post?

I still see Holgrem of the Zag as a NBA project. It’s going to take two years to get that young man muscled up. Then, what do you wind up with? Porzingis? Not Jokic, that’s for sure. Some hybrid of the two? Other than Bonchero, I do not see this draft as anything special.

Boshero is a potential old school power forward. Instant help. Think Karl Malone.

Sacramento Kings. Forget the Playin. You finally have a solid nucleus of players at four positions. You need a stretch three. Get a good first round draft choice. Trade Homes for another solid vet and clear out the unnecessary players from the past losing seasons. Next year will be your year.

I told you so. Butler is trouble.

It’s going to be tough for the Warriors playing against bigs in the playoffs now that Wiseman is not available to give Loony a spell. Okay I know Draymond can play the post, I sure wish Bjelica was little tougher. If every Warrior player is healthy, with a few games under their belts to prepare before the playoffs begin, they will be tough in a 7 game series. Wiggins will have to be a consistent All Star. The Dubs will need his D and the 3rd shot makers.

Okay, I’m going to say it. I hate the corner three. It’s shorter than the rest of the three point line and the easiest three to make. It also makes playing help Defense miserable. It is overvalued. Eliminate it. Start the three point line higher as  a true three point shot. The floor diagram of 3 pt line would be simple to redraw.

Cavs’ Matthew Delavadova dove for balls the way Smart does. How come Delly got the dirty-player label and Smart does not? Smart is just a “gamer.”

The Cleveland Browns are going to regret signing Deshaun Watson. That’s all I got to say.

Does anyone resent that the larger portion of the split screen is commercial and the smaller is the sport as much as I do. Write! Complain! Let your voice be heard. Selling a frigging SUV is not as important as having a better view of a 15 yard putt or a free-throw.

Last Saturday in April and trout season opens in California Here’s a small poem to herald the event.

Jon, Buddha-buddy, dreaming of trout
Illusive in the deep green pool
ignoring your floating mayfly nymph
Rainbow,  too sly to curve into the sky.